Off Line Circuit Board, 2007

Independent Film Steel, Epoxy, Plastics wood


Steel, wood and Epoxy Designer/fabricator

The Wrong Reflection, 2006

Steel wire, plastic and wood

Skull of Fame,2005

Dolphin Skull, Electronics and composite images Designer / fabricator

Camp Scout,1996

Fruit by the Foot Commercial Plasticine Fabricator


Steel wire, epoxy and wood

Guy Dog "Love on the Line", 2000

Nickelodeon Plasticine, wood and steel Designer/fabricator

Levi's Jeans for Women, 1996

Foot Cone and Belding SF Aluminium wire Designer / fabricator

Rodney Dangerfield study, 1990

Foot Cone and Belding SF Plasticine Designer/Fabricator

Build a Better Dog House (Snoopy), 1999

Norman Rockwelll Museum exhibit Metals, wood and epoxy Designer/Fabricator

Soldier study, 1998

State of Mississipi/Maris, West Baker Dwsigner/Fabricator

The thinker, 1988

Sculptoons Reel, San Franscisco Fabricate/Set Designer

Trumpass, 2017

Independent Cartoon Short Plasticine Designer/Fabricator

School of Fish, 1895

Wood and Brass wire Plasticine Designer/Fabricator

Popeye Study, 2000

Plasticine Fabricator

Louis Kemp Crab, 1999

Plastic, wire, epoxy and wood Designer/Fabricator