Artist Statement: (Tom Gasek)

An artist statement can be an intimating task because there are so many things that I consider and that are important to me in my art and in my existence here on this earth. Certainly the human condition is foremost on my mind as I am sure it is for millions of others. Life’s elusive qualities are forever nagging at our curiosity. Why do we exist? Where are we going? What is our journey here on earth going to show us? We all try to find purpose in our existence with varying degrees of success. Everyone has an “artistic” voice and it is one strong means of expressing our questions and attempts at answers. We try to connect with others using these expressive means of communication through the visual, audio and theatrical arts.

Over my years on this planet I have found that there is very little I can count on as stable and never-ending. Certainly love is one of those exceptions and so is change. The flow of life continues relentlessly and we can count on that movement. I think this is why I am fascinated with animation. This art form has all the elements of craft and communication that appeal to me like storytelling, visual art, music and sound but it also relies on movement. Movement is change. Animation concentrates on the single image or moment and the relationship of one image to the next. That movement from one image to the next tells us everything about how someone thinks, feels and reacts. It reflects changing attitudes or what remains the same. We can always count on movement as a constant. It is the flow of life in its forward journey and the very essence of animation. I try to tease out this concept with a little humor in my work, my characters, stories and animation.